Congrats to Ivy Hoang for being selected to the NIDA-funded T32 (Translational Neuroscience on Drug Abuse) fellowship!

Congrats to Melissa Sharpe for receiving the UCLA Hellman Fellow Award!


Congrats to Ivy Hoang and Melissa Sharpe on their paper titled, “The basolateral amygdala and lateral hypothalamus bias learning towards motivationally significant events”, published in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.


Congrats to Melissa Sharpe on her paper titled, “Past Experience Shapes the Neural Circuits Recruited for Future Learning”, published in Nature Neuroscience.



Way to go Ivy Hoang for being selected for the UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship (GSRM) fellowship, the UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship (GRM) fellowship, and the NIDA-funded T32 (Translational Neuroscience of Drug Abuse, TNDA) fellowship!

Welcome to the lab Lauren DiFazio! She has officially joined our lab as a 1st year BNS Ph.D. student!

Congrats to Lauren DiFazio for being selected for the Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award (UCLA Graduate Division) fellowship!

Congrats to Lauren DiFazio on her paper titled, “Optogenetic stimulation of the basolateral amygdala accelerates acquisition of object-context associations” in collaboration with David Reis and Joseph Manns, which is soon to be published in Behavioral Neuroscience!

Congrats to Dr. Sam Millard on his recent paper titled, “The effects of perinatal fluoxetine exposure on emotionality behaviors and cortical and hippocampal glutamatergic receptors in female Sprague-Dawley and Wistar-Kyoto rats”, soon to be published in Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry!

We are accepting graduate students in Fall of 2021, and are always open to talking with postdocs. Get in touch with Mel to talk about joining the lab or any questions you might have, at melissa.j.sharpe@psych.ucla.edu.